Application for the Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional (CCRP) Exam

Contact Information

Please Note: Applicants can only take one examination during the testing window.


* Required
Documentation of Eligibility

Candidate must meet the following criteria by the application deadline

  • 1,200 clinical hours in cardiac rehabilitation/secondary prevention
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a health-related field from an accredited college or university or current RN licensure.
  • Current RN licensure does not necessitate minimum of a Bachelor’s degree

Completion of 1,200 clinical hours in cardiac rehab/secondary prevention clinical setting

* Required
Education Requirement

* Required

I authorize the Professional Certification Commission (PCC) to make whatever inquiries and investigations that it deems necessary or appropriate to verify my credentials and professional standing in order for me to qualify to sit for the certification exam for which I am applying. Further, I understand that the PCC will treat the contents of this application as well as all documents relating to certification as confidential, except as necessary to administer the certification program.

If I successfully pass the certification examination and attain the CCRP designation, I authorize the PCC to release my name, mailing address, e-mail address, and other contact information to the American Association for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (AACVPR) for the purpose of providing Association information.

Content of the exam (exam questions and answer choices) is considered confidential information. As a candidate for the exam, I attest that I will not disclose any confidential information regarding the content of the exam in any form, (e.g. written, electronic, verbal, overheard, or observed). I understand that signing this attestation and complying with its terms is required.

I certify that all information provided on my application is true, correct, and complete. I fully understand that any significant misstatements or omissions may cause me to be ineligible to sit for the exam. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation, misstatement, or omission from this application, if discovered after certification has been awarded to me, may lead to revocation of the credential.


* Required