32nd Annual Meeting Program Summaries

Program Summaries

Does your rehab program offer a unique new idea you’d like to showcase? Then why not submit an application for AACVPR Program Summary?  Program summaries are synopses of practice-based projects with practical implications specific to a program. These synopses will be considered for posters at the Annual Meeting in Charleston (October 4-7, 2017), but will not be published in the JCRP. Synopses and posters (submitted in pdf form) will also be available on the AACVPR website in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Program Summary Guidelines 

  1. Must have appropriate relevance to the needs of the target audience at the AACVPR Annual Meeting.
  2. Must be well written with proper spelling, grammar, and clearly stated purpose and objectives.
  3. Must summarize any important data and describe the design, methods and conclusions of the project.
  4. Cannot endorse a product.

Please submit your program summary by May 22, 2017 by clicking the following link: PROGRAM SUMMARY SUBMISSION 

Acceptance notifications will be provided by June 12, 2017.