Emerging Professionals

One of the guiding principles of AACVPR is creating and maintaining a learning environment. AACVPR gives students and those new to the field a peek into the real world of preventive medicine, research news, and rehabilitation. AACVPR will keep you up to date on important issues in the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, and will give you access to job listings, scholarships, conventions, certificates of completion of clinical specialties, and career mentors.

AACVPR Emerging Professional Membership

AACVPR offers students, fellows, and those who may be career healthcare professionals but are just starting out in cardiac/pulmonary rehab a unique membership option that focuses on "101-style" learning and networking with seasoned AACVPR professionals. Emerging Professionals shall qualify under one of two defined categories:

  1. Currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students, including those pursuing post-doctoral fellowships, who express a professional interest in the field of cardiac and/or pulmonary rehabilitation, and have not worked previously in a cardiac or pulmonary rehab setting for more than two years. 
  2. Current healthcare practitioners who have recently – within the past two (2) years – made a transition into cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation at any staff level.

Emerging Professionals will be required to provide confirmation that they qualify under one of the two aforementioned categories via a copy of a transcript or written affirmation from a faculty member or supervisor. 

For more information on Emerging Professional Membership or to join/renew your membership, please click here or contact AACVPR Headquarters at 312/321-5146 or via email at aacvpr@aacvpr.org.

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