AACVPR CR/PR Registry Testimonials

Why become an AACVPR CR/PR Registry Subscriber? Read on to discover why cardiac and pulmonary professionals from all over the country are choosing to be a part of this growing network of change-makers.

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“The AACVPR Registries have allowed us to improve our data collection process, improve our treatment plan and we have updated several forms and improved our education process.”- Lauren N. McDonough, MS, CCRP, CSCS, Board of Directors - Past President, Texas Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Exercise Physiologist, Medical Center of Lewisville, Lewisville, Texas

“The AACVPR Registries have made it easier to objectively review all of our data and help with decision making for improving our practices. They also help us to continually look at our results and compare with others to be sure we are offering the best quality program to our patients.” - Julia Iveson RN BSN CCRN, Charge Nurse Cardiac Rehab, ProMedica Bixby Hospital, Adrian, MI

“We are able to gather more detailed information, help patients improve throughout the program and follow up with them after they complete the program.”- Courtney Reynolds, Lead Exercise Specialist, Cardiac Rehabilitation at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI

"We have used the CR/PR Registries to benchmark our program against similar-sized programs, state-wide, and across the country. Each year, we look at outcomes overall and look for areas for improvement and where we have done well. The CR/PR Registries have greatly improved our patient care through commitment to yearly goals based on our registry data.”- Lance Maerz, Co-Manager of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the Cancer Empowerment Program, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the Cancer Empowerment Program, Upland Hills Health, Dodgeville, WI

“With the AACVPR Registries we can now let the patients see their own data demonstrating how they have improved. They can feel the changes and now they can see the data. In our program, it reinforces the need for continued exercise and self-management.”- Keri Ohren, Respiratory Therapy Clinical Lead, Rice Memorial Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Willmar, MN

“Being an AACVPR Registry subscriber has increased standardization of care across providers and created an ease of tracking for p.i. projects. For our patients, the standardization and benchmarking ability has improved patient outcomes and the staff has an improved understanding of the importance of education and goal setting to achieve desired TLC outcomes.” - Lucia Izzo, Administrative Supervisor Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation, Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ

“With the AACVPR Registries we are more aware what needs to be done versus doing what has always been done. We use data to improve patient care and patient satisfaction in not just the program, but the patients’ quality of life.” - Karen A. Edwards, MS, RCEP, RRT – Respiratory Therapist, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Coordinator, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center, Auburn, Washington

“We are using the AACVPR CR/PR Registries to begin the dietary quality improvement project entitled, “Rate Your Plate”. Access to the Registry has helped us understand where we need to improve, and in turn helped us address dietary needs better. The results show that the education we currently provide appears to be working to a degree, but we have a goal to have a dietician perform nutritional education in the form of cooking demos more frequently.”- Andrew French, Director of Cardiopulmonary Rehab and Wellness, Graham Wellness Center at Graham Hospital in Canton, IL