Data Analytic Center Request for Applications

AACVPR is pleased to announce the opening of a Request for Applications (RFA) period for a proposed Data Analytic Center for our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (CR) and pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) registries. Currently, data from the AACVPR CR and PR registries are only being utilized by individual programs to monitor their own patient outcomes and compare them to national averages to identify opportunities to improve quality of care. However, there is increasing interest in utilizing these data for research.

The Data Analytic Center will allow for AACVPR and outside researchers to investigate research questions using data from the AACVPR CR and PR registries, while maintaining the security of these data and ensuring the highest quality statistical methods by conducting these analyses centrally. 

We expect that the Data Analytic Center would be composed of a PhD statistician, masters level statistician, and a primary investigator within the same institution with some experience or expertise in CR and/or PR.

Expected Duties of the Data Analytic Center
Click here view the full Request for Application document. We expect the duties of the Data Analytic Center to include: 

  • Routine Data Management: Monitoring and cleaning of the database, as necessary, for missing data or other apparent errors in data entry.
  •  Internal AACVPR Analyses: Completion of data analyses to assist in AACVPR's initiatives, such as performance measure creation and committee work. 
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval: Obtain IRB approval for the release of the analytic data set from AACVPR to the Data Analytic Center and to govern the data management and data analyses that will be conducted by the Data Analytic Center. 
  • Investigator Initiated Analyses: Conduct data analyses for research outside of AACVPR's work after approval of the research proposal by the AACVPR Research Committee. Additional funding, at the expense of the investigator proposing the analyses, will be provided for these duties.

Data Analytic Center Information and Application

Full instructions for submitting an application may be found by downloading the Data Analytic Center RFA packet here. The packet includes:

  • Description of the purpose of the Data Analytic Center and instructions for applying
  • Application checklist
  • Data Elements for the CR Registry
  • Data Elements for the PR Registry
  • Draft AACVPR Application for Investigator Initiated Data Analyses


  • Letter of Intent: Due August 13, 2018
  • Full Application: Due September 10, 2018. 

Questions Regarding the AACVPR RFA to Establish a Data Analytic Center:
Click here to download our question & answer document for more information on this RFA. Any additional questions not addressed by this document can be submitted to Kate Maude at