Day on the Hill (DOTH)

Day on the Hill 2019 information coming soon || March 4-5, 2019

 Day on the Hill 2018

March 5-6, 2018

Washington, D.C.


Sen. Cory Booker and the Tri-State Society Delegation

Patty Lake and Susan Bauman with Rep. Pete Visclosky (IN)

Marrion Harris-Barter, Ashleigh Funk (FL) and Karen Lui

The Maryland Delegation with Sen. Chris Van Hollen

Janie Knipper and Karie Martin with Rep. David Young (IA)

The Wisconsin Delegation at the office of Rep. Paul Ryan



AACVPR's Focus on Advocacy

AACVPR members should give a huge THANK-YOU to all who traveled to Washington DC on March 5-6, 2018 for Day on the Hill 2018. Over 80 cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation clinicians from 32 states visited over 150 offices in the US House and US Senate. Our ask was well-presented by attendees and largely well-recieved. Stay tuned for next steps forward on the issue in the near future.

The request to Congress this year is to seek support for legislation that would correct the unintended consequences of Section 603 of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. This mandates payment reduction for hospital outpatient services that re-locate or open at an off-campus site. For cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services wanting to expand to improve patient access, this is a major barrier. 

Read our position paper here.


How to find your U.S. House Representative: For the contact information of your House Representative, click here.

How to find your U.S. Senators: For the contact information of your two Senators, click here.

How to find Critical Access Hospital (CAH)s per state: For a list of CAHs per state, a complete list of CAHs and a map of all CAHs, click here.

Contacting and Locating Your U.S. Senators in Washington D.C.:

  1. Click here to find D.C. address and office main phone #.
  2. Ask for the person responsible for health care issues.
  3. Request a meeting with that person AND the Senator.
  4. You may be told you will be meeting with someone else and you may be instructed to schedule an appointment through a scheduling person. Each office varies and you will be assisted through the process for that particular Senator. 

How to communicate with your U.S. Senators' and U.S. House Members' Washington, DC offices:

  • Call the office and ask first for the name of the person who is responsible for health care issues.
  • Ask if that person prefers to be contacted by telephone or by email on an issue of concern to you.
  • If by email, send it to health staffer with a brief summary of what you are asking for.
  • Let him/her know you will call on ___ (date) (5 days is fair) for the Senator’s decision or to answer any questions he/she may have.
  • Continue calling weekly until you receive an answer (or unless you are told to proceed otherwise by the health staffer).
  • If health staffer prefers telephone over email for initial contact, follow talking points below to explain your task. 

Communication Tips:

  • You are representing cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation for your state’s providers and patients.
  • Try to immediately speak with the person responsible for health issues, but understand that every office operates by its own rules and email may be the preferred method of initial contact.
  • Address an email to the congressional member AND to the person whose name you’ve been given as responsible for health care issues for the member.
  • Follow-up when you said you would and keep trying. It is their job to be aware of and care about health care issues that could ultimately help or hinder access of vital services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Map of Capitol Hill and Congressional Buildings: You may find it helpful to print this map.

Map of Washington D.C. Metro Line: You may find it helpful to print this metro line map in color.

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Justin Dials, Theo Jordanides, Katy Maag, 
and Chelsea Roth at the US Capitol.



Wayne Reynolds and Ginny Dow met 
with legislative officials 
from Senator Elizabeth Warren's 
(D-MA) office.



Justin Dials and Katy Maag, 
visted Senator Portman's 
(R-OH) office.



Mark Stout visted Congressman 
Wilson (R-SC) office in 
West Columbia, SC.