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About the CCRP

The Certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Professional (CCRP), exclusively for cardiac rehabilitation (CR) professionals, is the only certification aligned with the published CR competencies. AACVPR’s exam assesses proficiency via exam questions that evaluate knowledge of facts, concepts and processes required to complete tasks in the following areas:

-Patient Assessment
-Nutrition Management
-Weight Management
-Blood Pressure Management
-Blood Lipid Management
-Diabetes Management
-Tobacco Cessation
-Psychosocial Management
-Physical Activity Counseling
-Exercise Training

The exam is based on nation-wide standards. The CCRP certification is awarded by the AACVPR Professional Certification Commission solely upon achievement of a passing score on the exam. There is no requirement for any class, course or other education or training programs provided by AACVPR or any other provider in order to sit for the CCRP examination.

ANCC Inclusion: AACVPR is pleased to announce that the CCRP credential has recently been reviewed by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and has met the criteria for inclusion on their list of certifications included in the Magnet Recognition Program® Demographic Data Collection Tool™ (DDCT).  Hospitals applying for Magnet strongly urge all nurses to be certified within their specialty.  Nurses working in cardiac rehabilitation can now take the CCRP as that specialty certification.

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Examination Policies & Important Documentation

For information on renewing certification, pass rates, fail rates, appeals, and other important polices--please view the below documentation.

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Professionals wishing to sit for the CCRP exam must meet the following criteria:

  • 1,200 clinical hours in CR/secondary prevention
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a health-related field from an accredited college or university OR current RN licensure.
    • Current RN licensure does not necessitate minimum academic requirement.

Professionals who do not meet the eligibility requirements may appeal their eligibility by completing the CCRP Eligibility Appeals Form, located here, and submitting it with a professional resume and letter of attestation from their supervisor to

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CCRP Exam Application Fee

Early Bird Application Fee Pricing:

  • AACVPR Member: $299
  • Non-Member: $359

Regular Application Fee Pricing:

  • AACVPR Member: $349
  • Non-Member: $409

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CCRP Exam Windows

The CCRP Exam is now available to take at Pearson Vue Testing Centers during three testing windows throughout the year.

You will still need to apply for the exam through the AACVPR Website. Instructions on how to find and schedule a testing site within your testing window will be provided to you in your confirmation email from the AACVPR Certification Team.

 2018 Computer-Based Testing Window

Application Deadlines


February 1 - February 28

Application Opens: 
December 1

Early Bird Deadline:
January 1

Final Deadline:


May 1 - May 31

Application Opens: 
March 1

Early Bird Deadline:
April 1

Final Deadline:
April 20

 September 1 - September 30

Application Opens: 
July 1

Early Bird Deadline:
August 1

Final Deadline:
August 20

 November 1 - November 30

Application Opens:
September 1

Early Bird Deadline:
October 1

Final Deadline:
October 20


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CCRP Application

For those re-taking the CCRP exam after an initial attempt, please contact prior to submitting your application.

Please note: you must be logged in to the AACVPR website for you to access the CCRP application. Don't have a login? Click here to create an account.

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CCRP 2017 Candidate Handbook

The 2017 Candidate Handbook, contains an overview of the program, an exam content outline, application procedures, exam day information, scoring and results and more. Click here to download the 2017 Candidate Handbook. 

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CCRP Exam Blueprint

Your guide to the test content, the Exam Blueprint provides a comprehensive overview of the knowledge, facts, concepts and processes required to become certified as a CCRP.

  • Click Here to view the Exam Blueprint Online
  • Click Here to Download and Print the Exam Blueprint

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Current CCRP Certificants

  • Click here for a List of Current CCRP Certified Individuals

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Friday, March 18, 2016 
Missouri-Kansas Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (MOKSACVPR)
Florida Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation (FCVPR)
Florida Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation (FCVPR)
Upper Plains Cardiopulmonary Association (UPCRA)
Upper Plains Cardiopulmonary Association (UPCRA)

CCRP Re-certification

  • Click here to review the current CCRP Re-certification Policy
  • Click here to see if you are up for re-certification in 2017! If your name appears on the list, please submit your re-certification application by December 1st, 2017, or retake the CCRP Exam during one of the 2017 testing opportunities to retain your CCRP credentials.
  • Click here to review the CCRP Re-certification Application process document.
  • Click here to review the CCRP Re-certification Application video tutorial.
  • New! Click here to download a CE Credit Tracker to help you prepare for re-certification!

The CCRP Re-certification Application Fees are as follows:

  • AACVPR Member: $60
  • Non-Member: $110

Please note: you must be logged in to the AACVPR website for you to access the CCRP Re-certification Application.

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