Program Certification Marketing Toolkit


Congratulations on becoming an AACVPR Certified Program! This toolkit is designed to give you resources and ideas for promoting the good news at your facility and in your community. If you have any questions about the toolkit, please contact If you have questions or concerns about your certification, please contact


AACVPR Program Directory

If you haven’t already, please add your facility and primary contact information to the AACVPR Program Directory. You will then receive a listing of all the programs and contacts in your state, which you can use to search for programs near you – including the option to sort by area of interest. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the AACVPR Program Directory, please contact the AACVPR certification team at


Use these graphics on social media, in emails, on your website, or anywhere you want to share the news of your program’s certification. These can also be added to flyers for bulletin boards or placed in printed ads to promote your program.

Click to download:


Download any of the below folders to access AACVPR Certified Program logos. Logos are available in color, black and white, and reversed (all white). Please note that PNG and JPG files are best for online use. If you need a high resolution file for print (such as EPS or PDF), please contact with your request. 

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  • Color logos: PNG, JPG
  • Black & white logos: PNG, JPG
  • Reversed logos: PNG only, no JPG

Pass-Along Email Template

Use this template to announce your certification in an email to administrators, colleagues, friends or other facilities. AACVPR also encourages you to use this as an opportunity to share why AACVPR Program Certification is an important step in improving patient care.

Click here to download email template

Sample Social Media Posts

Before you start posting, be sure to follow AACVPR on Facebook and Twitter!


  • We’re so excited to announce that our <cardiovascular/pulmonary> rehabilitation program was recently certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (@AACVPR)! Read about our certification here: <link to press release or program web page>
  • Please join us in congratulating our amazing <cardiovascular/pulmonary> rehabilitation program team on their recent certification by @AACVPR ❤️ 👏 <insert social media graphic>
  • Big news! Our <cardiovascular/pulmonary> rehabilitation program is now @AACVPR Certified! This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to our efforts in providing high quality patient care & services 🙌 #certified Read about our certification here: <link to press release or program web page>
  • Becoming an @AACVPR Certified Program was no easy task, but our patients are worth it! If you’re interested in learning about this process and applying for certification, click here ⬇️

  • Time to celebrate! 🎉 Our <cardiovascular/pulmonary> rehabilitation program was recently certified by @AACVPR, and we couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations to our amazing team!  👏 <insert social graphic>
  • Today is a great day because today we get to announce that our <cardiovascular/pulmonary> rehabilitation program has been certified by @AACVPR! 😁 Read all about it here: <link to press release or program web page>
  • We know how dedicated our <cardiovascular/pulmonary> rehab program is to providing high quality patient care & services, but now it’s official! We are an @AACVPR Certified Program! ❤️ This is an intensive process & we are so proud of our team for all of their accomplishments <insert social graphic>
  • If your program is improving patient care & providing high quality services, then prove it and apply to for @AACVPR Program Certification! We haven’t regretted it – you won’t either 👍 Learn more about the process here:
Press Release Template

This template is a guide to drafting a news/press release for local media outlets. Any press release that mentions AACVPR Program Certification must include the AACVPR Boilerplate and be reviewed by AACVPR staff prior to distribution. You may send press releases to Rachel Moore at Please allow for one business day to review. 

Click here to download press release template

AACVPR Boilerplate

Founded in 1985, the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the mission of reducing morbidity, mortality and disability from cardiovascular and pulmonary disease through education, prevention, rehabilitation, research and disease management. Central to the core mission is improving the quality of life for patients and their families. Learn more about AACVPR at

Just for Fun

All AACVPR-certified programs are sent a certificate of accreditation. Here are some fun ways to display that certificate in your facility:

  • Hang your certificate in a nice frame in the front entrance, lobby or waiting area of your program’s facility. Don’t hide it in an administrative office or staff room – it deserves to be seen!
  • Place your certificate in the front of a shadow box, then add mementos and items that celebrate your program’s success. Some examples include thank-you letters from patients, articles about your program in the local newspaper, photos of your staff or patients, etc. 
  • Pin your framed certificate to a bulletin board, then ask patients and staff to stick notes around it that explain their favorite thing about your program and what makes it exceptional enough to be AACVPR certified.