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The Professional Certification Commission does not develop, administer, sponsor, endorse, or financially benefit from any type of exam review, preparatory course or published materials related to the content of the CCRP exam. The purchase and/or use of any exam preparation material does not guarantee a passing score on the CCRP exam.

Recorded Workshop:  Certification Preparation Workshop: CCRP Cardiac Core Competencies

Experts in the cardiac core components will presented a full day workshop on high-impact topics for achieving competence in cardiac rehabilitation. Course faculty will reviewed key areas of each of the cardiac core components covered by the CCRP exam. Click here for more information.



CCRP Preparatory Study Guide

The CR Best Practice Resource: A CCRP Study Guide, updated in 2018, will be available to order in the new Learning Center in December of 2018.

AACVPR has worked with the authors of its original CCRP Study Guide, published in 2014, to meet your requirements of preparing for the CCRP exam and/or staying up to date on the field of cardiac rehabilitation. The Resource’s target audience comprises nurses, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, dietitians, social workers, psychologists, and cardiologists. Additionally, the CR Best Practice Resource is an invaluable to emerging professionals in the field. With chapter objectives and self-assessment questions, the Resource provides a well-rounded working knowledge to the many facets of cardiac rehabilitation. The CCRP Preparatory Study Guide has been developed by an independent AACVPR taskforce to assist potential certificants to prepare for the exam.


The study guide will review key areas of the core components.  



Editor-in-Chief – Kathy McKool, RN, MSN, CTTS-M

1   Patient Assessment -  Pat Comoss, RN, BS, MAACVPR
2   Nutritional Management -  Ellen Schaaf Aberegg, MA, LD, RD, FAACVPR
3   Weight Management -  Joe Carlson, PhD, RD, FAACVPR
4   Blood Pressure Management -  Richard Josephson, MS, MD, FACC, FAHA, FAACVPR; Aditya Kumar Khetan, MBBS
5   Blood Lipid Management -  Todd M. Brown, MD, MSPH, FACC, FAACVPR
6   Diabetes Management -  Alison Bailey, MD, FACC, FAACVPR
7   Tobacco Cessation -  Andrea Bon-Wilson, LPC, CAC II, FAACVPR
8   Psychosocial Management -  Joel Hughes, PhD, FAACVPR
9   Physical activity Counseling -  Patrick D. Savage, MS, FAACVPR
10  Exercise training -  Peter Brubaker, PhD, FAACVPR

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