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The Professional Certification Commission does not develop, administer, sponsor, endorse, or financially benefit from any type of exam review, preparatory course or published materials related to the content of the CCRP exam. The purchase and/or use of any exam preparation material does not guarantee a passing score on the CCRP exam.

Recorded Workshop:  Certification Preparation Workshop: CCRP Cardiac Core Competencies

Experts in the cardiac core components will presented a full day workshop on high-impact topics for achieving competence in cardiac rehabilitation. Course faculty will reviewed key areas of each of the cardiac core components covered by the CCRP exam. Click here for more information.

CCRP Preparatory Study Guide

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The study guide helps you focus your studies on the content outlined in the Exam Blueprint above. Subject matter experts provide on average an hour of content per topic focusing on identified high-impact components needing focus for achieving competence in cardiac rehabilitation. Participants are provided case-based scenarios and questions to allow them to self-assess strengths and weakness in knowledge of the core areas. The CCRP Preparatory Study Guide is delivered as an online e-book with linked references.

The CCRP Preparatory Study Guide has been developed by an independent AACVPR taskforce to assist potential certificants to prepare for the exam.


The study guide will review key areas of the core components.  Authors and peer reviewers include: Nutritional Management


Chapter Authors

1   Patient Assessment -  Pat Comoss, RN, BS, MAACVPR

2   Nutritional Management -  Ellen Schaaf Aberegg, MA, LD, RD

3   Weight Management -  Joe Carlson, PhD, RD, FAACVPR; Tyler Becker, MA CSCS

4   Blood Pressure Management -  Richard Josephson, MS, MD, FACC, FAHA, FACCVPR; Aditya Khetan, MBBS

5   Blood Lipid Management -  Todd M. Brown, MD, MSPH, FACC

6   Diabetes Management -  Alison Bailey, MD, FACC

7   Tobacco Cessation -  Andrea Bon-Wilson LPC, CAC II, FAACVPR

8   Psychosocial Management -  Joel Hughes, PhD, FAACVPR

9   Physical activity Counseling -  Patrick D. Savage, MS, FAACVPR

10  Exercise training -  Peter Brubaker, PhD, FAACVPR


Peer Reviewers

Andrea Bon-Wilson LPC, CAC II, FAACVPR

Joe Carlson, PhD, RD, FAACVPR

Joel W. Hughes, PhD, FAACVPR

Marjorie King, MD, FAAC, MAACVPR

Alisa Krizan, MS, RD, LD, FAACVPR

John P. Porcari, PhD, RCEP, FACSM, MAACVPR

Bonnie Sanderson, PhD, RN, MAACVPR


Kerry J. Stewart, EdD, FAHA, FACSM, MAACVPR

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