Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Weeks

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week: February 11 - 17, 2018

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week: March 11 - 17, 2018


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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week 2018
March 11-17, 2018

Celebrate Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week and educate your community about the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with lung disease. Also take the opportunity to thank your team members for their contributions and share with them valuable educational resources to further their professional development. 

2017 PR Week Celebration Spotlights:

St. Luke's Hospital - Chesterfield, MO  
We are celebrating Pulmonary Rehab this week by giving an apple to our patients  in the gym after they work out. We let them know that THEY are the best part of our program! Also, we had a RHB staff picture taken and it will be posted on our hospital Facebook and Twitter sites. 

Jefferson Healthcare - Townsend, WA
Jefferson Healthcare Pulmonary Rehab in Port Townsend, WA, celebrates PR Week each year, with special guests for our education sessions, a flyer (attached) distributed throughout the facility, and healthy treats! We also have a big bulletin board in the gym with information thematically linked to this year’s theme.

Huntsville Hospital's Center for Lung Health - Huntsville, Al
We are celebrating by giving each patient a giveaway bag with a Huntsville Hospital water bottle, pedometer, hand sanitizer, jar opener, mini pinwheel and healthy snacks.  On Friday March 17th, we are hosting a free lung health day for our community.  We will offer spirometry,  Alph-1 testing, smoking cessation information and tips and information on LDCT screening for lung cancer.  

Sanford Health
We’re actually doing a 3 week recognition for Pulmonary Rehab week. We are an off- site location and have the advantage of being connected to our Wellness Center where are Pulmonary Rehab graduates can continue their exercise after completing their program. We offer maintenance exercise classes Mon thru Fri, 2 times a day. Our graduates can buy a punch card just for our class times and our classes are supervised by one of the Pulm Rehab Resp. Therapists. So this year we are doing a “March Madness” challenge. Participants get points in 3 categories: Mind-challenge your brain by doing  a jigsaw puzzle, playing cards, etc.  Body-exercise! Exercise at least 30 minutes a day which can be a combination of biking, walking, weights, etc. Spirit-do something different. Try a new exercise, start a new hobby, join our harmonica group, etc. The participants keep track of their own points and can do these at home as well as here with us. We will have a party on March 29th to announce the winner in each category and award the prizes.It’s amazing how competitive the groups become and so much fun!

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week 2018
February 11-17, 2018

Celebrate National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week and draw attention to the role of cardiac rehabilitation in reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease. The week is also a great opportunity to recognize your team members for their contributions. We encourage you to not only offer your thanks but also share valuable educational resources to advance patient care.

2017 CR Week Celebration Spotlights

River Falls Area Hospital - River Falls, WI
At River Falls Area Hospital we started CR week the weekend before by hosting a hospital wide 5K run/walk open to employees and their families. After the run we served whole wheat pancakes with pure maple syrup and fresh fruit. We had a week long BINGO challenge for our patients to participate in. The squares consisted of tasks such as eating 2-3 servings of fruit per day, trying a new exercise machine in CR, and the toughest square on the board, going the whole week not complaining about the weather. Participants who got a BINGO received small prizes throughout the week. We served fresh fruit and dark chocolate all week long and did a food portion sizing game with patients as well. On Thursday we hosted a lunch & learn open to all hospital staff, patients and their families. The lunch & learn featured our CR Medical Director who discussed heart disease risk factors, a past patient who talked about his experience in CR, and an Exercise Physiologist who discussed exercise guidelines.

Three Rivers Health - Three Rivers, MI
For Cardiac Rehabilitation week, we our hosting a Heart Health Fair. This annual event is open and free to the public. We bring in vendors who set up informational booths. We are offering massage demos, drawings for door prizes, free stroke screenings, free cholesterol screenings to help draw awareness to heart disease. Local businesses donate healthy food options for the event also. 

Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital - Tipton, IN
We are celebrating cardiac rehab week by decorating out gym for the week—one day we are handing out a cardiac rehab word search—turn it in completed for an entry into the jar for a $10 gift card to local restaurant. We have a mason jar with hearts—guess the number of candy hearts, closest one to guess without going over wins the jar. One day each pt will receive a gift bag that is a reusuable bag (heart/ekg strip) for groceries with items promoting relaxation/ healthy eating it it---crossword puzzle or word search book, oatmeal packet,  granola bar, hand sanitizer and bath soak for relaxation/muscle aches and the poem “This is the beginning of a new day…….”. Also on the lunch hour one day there is an open house/tour of rehab. Happy Cardiac Rehab Week!  Love this job!

The Center for Cardiac Rehabilitation - Galveston, TX
This week we are doing some fun activities with patients and hospital staff! We will have a week long guessing game for dark chocolates in a jar. The winner takes home the chocolates and a cardiac rehab tumbler. Daily activities with the patients will include the following; 

  • MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – Patients fill out a card with what motivates them and hang it on our “motivation wall” all week long.
  • TOSS IT TUESDAY – Patients toss a beach ball in the air like dice. Each side of the beach ball has a different “challenge” (push-ups, lunges, etc.) Patients will choose a staff member to complete which ever challenge they roll.
  • WACKY SOCK WEDNESDAY – Patients and staff get into the spirit of fun by wearing wacky socks to celebrate mid-week.
  • TRIVIA THURSDAY – Facts and questions are posted all around the rehab room for patients to read and learn more about heart diseases, nutrition, and exercise.
  • FUN FRIDAY – Our MWF patients get a chance at the toss it dice game. Patients toss a beach ball in the air like dice. Each side of the beach ball has a different “challenge” (push-ups, lunges, etc.) Patients will choose a staff member to complete which ever challenge they roll.

We also have a few tables set up in the main lobby of our hospital where will be providing assessments as well as education on blood pressure and body composition measurements. We have water and granola to hand out for those that stop by. We will be doing a hula hoop challenge all day long at the table as well. Willing participants will gear up and see how long they can keep the hula hooping! The winner takes home a Cardiac Rehab tumbler.

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