Best Practice Essentials for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Five Webcasts, One Purchase, Unlimited Access.

This educational series from AACVPR provides program management best practices for both new and seasoned cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation professionals. 

The five Webcast recordings include:

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Knowledge Every Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Clinician Needs to Navigate Medicare

Presented by Karen Lui, RN, MS, MAACVPR, GRQ Consulting, LLC

This session will review the basics of Medicare as it applies to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation-from terminology, regulations, where to find Medicare information, to where these rules come from. “Medicare myths” will be dispelled as reimbursement fundamentals are discussed.

Learning objectives:

  • Participants will be familiar with technical terms used by Medicare.
  • Participants will identify resources for Medicare information.
  • Participants will differentiate current reimbursement information from outdated or inaccurate information.

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Are You Ready?: Basic Operational Readiness

Larry F. Hamm, PhD, FAACVPR, FACSM, The George Washington University

This session will provide the attendee with basic information related to developing the physical space and equipment necessary to operate an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program. Specific topics will include: 1) space and design issues; 2) aerobic exercise equipment; 3) resistance training options; and 4) flexibility exercises. Within these specific topics, various options and ideas will be presented so that the attendee has information on which to make informed decisions that will complement a specific program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify important elements for planning a cardiac rehabilitation space
  • Examine equipment options
  • Identify approaches for improving flexibility & core strength

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Building a Successful Program: Marketing and Finances

Richard A. Josephson, MS, MD, Harrington-McLaughlin Heart & Vascular Institute

This session will offer proven examples and techniques to achieve volume growth, diversity of clinical offerings, and positive financial margins.  Identification of target populations, program marketing, data acquisition and analysis, the role of the Medical Director, and financial considerations wil be addressed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify marketing techniques
  • Identify non-core revenue opportunities
  • Construct and analyze a database

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Outcomes Basics for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Mark Vitcenda, MS, FAACVPR, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Get information on what “outcomes” are, why they are important in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation assessment of therapy, and what should be tracked for AACVPR program certification standards. Specific outcomes and instruments for collecting outcomes will be addressed, as well as ideas for analyzing and reporting outcomes to your customers—patients, administrators, physicians, and health care payers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify evidence-based outcomes in health, clinical and behavioral domains and means to assess each.
  • Discuss minimum criteria for outcomes reporting for AACVPR certification.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ways for reporting outcomes for individual patients and samples of patients.

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Are you Emergency “Prepared”?

Bonnie Anderson, MS, FAACVPR, Vernon Memorial Healthcare & Gayla Oakley, RN, FAACVPR, Boone County Health Center

This session will prepare your Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehabilitation program for emergencies to assure successful outcomes.  Review essential components for medical emergency to include; supplies/equipment, policies, documentation, staff competencies and medical in-services.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of essential documentation and processing of untoward event logs.
  • Review the necessary supplies, equipment and policies needed for cardiac and pulmonary rehab programs.
  • Identify the required elements needed for AACVPR Program Certification.

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The Best Practice Essentials Virtual Conference is made possible, in part, by an educational grant from

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