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Cardiac Rehabilitation Week  |  Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week

  Cardiac Rehabilitation Week 2015

February 8-14, 2015

Celebrate National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week and draw attention to the role of cardiac rehabilitation in reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease.

The week is also a great opportunity to recognize your team members for their contributions. We encourage you to not only offer your thanks but also share valuable educational resources to advance patient care. Look for discounts on featured cardiovascular-related Webcasts in the AACVPR Education Center in February!

If you wish to purchase merchandise and apparel to help celebrate Cardiac Rehabilitation Week, Click Here.

For ideas on how to celebrate Cardiac Rehabilitation Week with your facility and community, please see our 2015 Planning Kit.

How are you celebrating Cardiac Rehab Week?

Click Here to share your story and help cardiac rehab professionals from around the country learn how to recognize their patients and staff!

Ideas and Inspiration from Fellow Programs

Hold yourself and your CR program to the highest industry standard.
In honor of National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week, make it a priority to learn what the only peer-reviewed accreditation for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs can do to improve patient care at your facility. AACVPR Program Certification is built on proven best practices so that programs like yours can hold themselves to the highest industry standard.

One Program's Success Story: Boone County Health Center, Albion, Nebraska
Boone County Health Center & Medical Clinics took part in the very first cycle of AACVPR Program Certification, and has maintained its certification ever since. "It's not the piece of paper that you get. There are a lot of reasons to certify, but the biggest reason for us is that it allows us to keep up with the standards and ensure our program is providing the very best services," said Gayla Oakley, Director of Cardiology Services and Prevention at Boone County Health Center.

Located in rural Nebraska, Boone County Health Center doesn't have access to some of the resources available to larger hospital systems. Maintaining AACVPR Program Certification assures them that they are providing the best program possible. Rather than wait until they are due for recertification, Oakley reviews the new application every year, and ensures her program is up-to-date on the changes. She also includes her staff in the application review. Engaging her staff has actually proven to create better outcomes for their program.

"It's the patient's right that you provide the optimal care to them. They deserve that, and that's part of you providing good service to them," said Oakley, "And that's why we keep up with Program Certification and standards." 


2015 CR Week Celebrations from around the Country

Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital - West Chester, PA
AACVPR certified program, Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital, is celebrating CR Week by asking patients to write what motivates them on paper hearts. Their names are then entered into a raffle drawing for gift cards. Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital is also hosting a guessing game. Participants who guess closest to the correct amount of whole wheat noodles in a jar receive a prize. Additionally, the hospital is hosting a staff luncheon, and posting a Cardiac Rehab bulletin board in the cafeteria.
Humboldt County Memorial Hospital - Humboldt, IA
Humboldt County Memorial Hospital is celebrating CR Week with multiple events. On Monday, February 9, the hospital is hosting a Cardiac Rehab Open House with blood pressure screenings, teaching patients how to properly use their home BP monitors and heart healthy snacks food tasting. On Wednesday, February 11, it hosts a Heart-Healthy “Make & Take” Cooking class. On Thursday, February 12, it will offer a Family and Friends CPR class that is free to the public.
Beartooth Billings Clinic - Red Lodge, MT
Beartooth Billings Clinic is celebrating cardiac rehab throughout the month of February. Celebrations include: Heart Matters 20-year anniversary celebration on February 3, including past/present cardiac rehab clients that have attended its program over the past four years and featuring heart healthy snacks, an physician’s speech on the importance of cardiac rehab, patients’ speeches, entertainment and surprises for guests; a video posted to Facebook on women and heart disease; a post-event article in the local newspaper; a one-hour talk on February 10 presented by Scott Tillery, MD (a cardiologist from Billings) about risk factors/women’s heart health/echocardiograms.
Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN
Patients at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, can track their exercise (including stretching, strength training and aerobic exercise) by moving their “shoe” along the route of the Mississippi River.  At various city stops along the way, they receive prizes! Major city stops are St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans.  The patients are having a blast, and so is the staff! 
Hammond Henry Hospital - Geneseo, IL
To celebrate CR Week at Hammond Henry Hospital in Geneseo, IL, patients sign up for door prizes each day they attend cardiac rehab.  They can also complete a word find and crossword puzzle about heart disease for a chance to win prizes.  The hospital is offering heart-healthy treats during education time in cardiac rehab this week, CR Week news is posted on television screens throughout the hospital and the gym is also decorated.
Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital - Brockton, MA
The Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital in Brockton, MA will celebrate CR Week with a heart- healthy lunch, and a presentation from its Program Director, Wayne Reynolds RN, FAACVPR, CCRP, on recent cardiac rehab journal articles and how to use them to impact practice, as well as CR advocacy and the importance of events like AACVPR’s Day on the Hill.

Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center - Yakima, WA
Yakima Regional Medical Center in Yakima, WA, is celebrating CR Week by bringing healthy snacks for patients each day. They are also hosting daily trivia contests, and patients are able to enter their names into a drawing at the end of the week for a smoothie maker. They can enter for each exercise session, educational class or one-on-one consultation that they attend.

Monmouth Medical Center - Long Branch, NJ
Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ, is celebrating CR Week with multiple events. On Monday, February 9, it will offer all day snacks and beverages and exercise trivia, a cardiac update presentation and new drug presentation. On Wednesday, February 11, activities and treats include a bowl of kisses, all-day food trivia, Zumba, best salad contest, and sign-in for the losing to win contest and submission essay contest. Friday, February 13, is brown bag day, with all-day drugs/medicine trivia, a What’s in my Brown Bag? pharmacist presentation and Hospice Care: Facts and Fiction presentation.
Saint Agnes Medical Center - Fresno, CA
Cardiac rehab at Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, CA is coloring the room red to celebrate CR Week. The program is holding raffles all month for patients who complete cardiac word puzzles and return them for entries in the drawing! Attendance is rewarded with more entries in the raffle, and the staff is wearing cardiac rehab shirts all week.

Broward Health Wellness Center – Fort Lauderdale, FL
BHMC Wellness Center is celebrating CR Week with heart-healthy questions for patients to answer while working out, crossword puzzles for prizes, a cardio obstacle challenge and a heart-healthy breakfast with the Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Perloff. 

Bryn Mawr Hospital - Bryn Mawr PA
The Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Department at Bryn Mawr Hospital is celebrating Cardiac Rehab week in multiple ways. In addition to a hospital wide announcement, the department is decorated with balloons and the AACVPR poster, and the staff is wearing Cardiac Rehab Team t-shirts. Patients received trail mix, and the medical director, department manager and hospital administration provided luncheons and breakfasts. As in past years, a Cardiac Rehab staff member is hosting a “mall walk” for the patients at the local mall, and an indoor walking trail has been set up through the hospital for hospital staff to take part in heart healthy walking exercise. Cardiac Rehab week is posted on the hospital’s website and social media, and Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf’s signed proclamation announcing Cardiac Rehab Week is prominently displayed. 

Wayne Memorial Hospital - Honesdale, PA
Each year Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, PA sends several patients and the Cardiac Rehab Coordinator to meet with the Wayne County Commissioners at the Honesdale Court House to declare "Cardiac Rehab Week" in Wayne County. The patients talk about their event and how they have benefited from the cardiac rehab program. Media covers this event, and the coordinator also does a radio show broadcasted during that week which covers heart disease and how to get referred to the cardiac rehab program. The local women's club also knits red winter scarves for patients in the program, and program handouts and photos are displayed in the hospital lobby.

Medical Center of Lewisville - Lewisville, TX
The staff at Medical Center of Lewisville in Lewisville, TX celebrated CR Week with presentations about various heart health subjects, and a contest for door prizes. Staff and patients also brought heart healthy snacks to celebrate.

Lake Regional Health System - Osage Beach, MO
Lake Regional Health System’s Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program celebrated National Women’s Heart month and CR Week with heart healthy trivia, heart healthy gift baskets for patients, Wacky Socks Wednesdays, a heart healthy patient recipe swap, a dark chocolate candy count contest,  handing out apples with heart healthy recipes attached, and encouraging patients to bring in items representing their time spent outside of cardiac rehab. Staff and patients celebrated all month long!

 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week 2015

March 8-14, 2015

Celebrate Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week and educate your community about the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with lung disease.

Also take the opportunity to thank your team members for their contributions and share with them valuable educational resources to further their professional development. Look for discounts on featured pulmonary-related Webcasts in the AACVPR Education Center in March!

If you wish to purchase merchandise and apparel to help celebrate Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, Click Here.

For ideas on how to celebrate Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week with your facility and community, please see our 2015 Planning Kit.

How are you celebrating Pulmonary Rehab Week?

Click Here to share your story and help pulmonary rehab professionals from around the country learn how to recognize their patients and staff!

Ideas and Inspiration from Fellow Programs

Deliver the best quality of care possible
In honor of National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, make it a priority to learn what the only peer-reviewed accreditation for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs can do to improve patient care at your facility. AACVPR Program Certification is built on proven best practices so that programs like yours can hold themselves to the highest industry standard.

One program’s success story: Methodist Hospital, San Antonio, Texas

The pulmonary rehabilitation program at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas received its AACVPR Program Certification in 2014. The staff inherited the program in 2011, and Renée R. Fletcher, Nurse Director for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Methodist Hospital, wanted to transform it to fulfill certification requirements, "Knowing that if we follow the guidelines, we are providing the best care for patients, our staff is maintaining a level of competency and we are using process improvement to better our program. There is also the prestige to say we are certified by AACVPR."

Already having achieved AACVPR Certification for the hospital's cardiac rehabilitation program, Renée saw the value in achieving certification for the hospital's pulmonary program as well, "We are the only Pulmonary Rehabilitation in San Antonio. We don't have competition. We're doing this because we want to give the best care to our patients." The staff instituted a biweekly class for both pulmonary rehab patients, as well as non-patients to prevent readmission. They added a heart failure class, launched regular meditation to assist with stress reduction and controlled breathing skills, and introduced a Chaplain who visits patients during exercise.

As a newly certified program their goal is to continue to recertify and stay on top of the guidelines. "Knowing that by maintaining certification, there is a level of best practice," said Renée. "And really, it should behoove every program to be the best that they can be. This is the way we can do it in the cardiac and pulmonary rehab world." 

Celebrate Pulmonary Rehabilitation with an Inspirational Video

AACVPR and the American Lung Association of California have partnered to provide an educational video on the role of pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) in managing COPD. Take Control of Your COPD: A Guide to Better Living offers extensive demonstrations and instruction of many critical elements of pulmonary rehabilitation. Consider offering this resource to your patients who cannot attend traditional PR classes or who need an update. The video is also a valuable resource for PR clinicians and other caregivers. Click Here to learn more.




2015 PR Week Celebrations from around the Country

McLaren-Northern Michigan - Petoskey, MI
McLaren-Northern Michigan’s pulmonary rehabilitation program is celebrating patients’ accomplishments that have been possible with the help of pulmonary rehab. One patient who plays bass will perform with his band for the program patients and staff. Another patient, a PhD in English Literature, will prepare and present a lecture, and another patient who is an artist will bring artwork to share with program patients and staff.

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital – Atlanta, GA
In honor of National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital is thanking its Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinical Specialists for the life-saving work they do. Whether it’s providing quality care to our patients with lung disease or leading community education on smoking cessation, these talented care givers truly blow us away with their dedication to improving lung function.

St. Catherines Hospital - East Chicago, Indiana
St. Catherines Hospital in East Chicago Indiana started its Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week celebration one week early. On Friday, March 6, the program hosted a jump off luncheon, which was a great success with vendors, speakers, games and fun. The program also hired a massage therapists to give clients free therapy, which was a big hit. For Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, the program staff have planned multiple surprises for clients, and hope to make it a very memorable celebration for both clients and staff.

Broward Health Wellness Center - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Staff at the Broward Health Wellness Center have been promoting PR Week for the past few years, and this year PR week was even more meaningful, as the Center’s pulmonary rehabilitation program celebrated its AACVPR certification (2014) and its recognition by Governor Rick Scott, who proclaimed national PR Week in Florida. The staff planned the third annual PR lecture in which Dr. Glenn Singer presented, "Diagnosing lung illnesses." They also had testimonials of past program participants, who highlighted the gifts of feeling better and doing more. The week continues with one month memberships to the Wellness Center for employees of Broward Health who successfully complete our lung health word search.

UnityPoint Trinity Regional Medical Center - Fort Dodge, IA
UnityPoint Trinity Regional Medical Center  marked PR Week by celebrating its 20 year anniversary of pulmonary rehab. The Center hosted an "open house" celebration with staff and Better Breather's Club members! Everyone received bubbles which they blew while listening to the song "Tiny Bubbles," special refreshments were served and door prizes were provided as well.


Does your hospital host or participate in any special events for Cardiac and/or Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks? E-mail us at to have your event highlighted here and help other facilities create activities of their own!

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