COPD Patient Education Video

Take Control of Your COPD: A Guide to Better Living

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Take Control of Your COPD: Guidelines for Better Living is a series of patient educational video segments for people who suffer from COPD and their caregivers. The video discusses the role of pulmonary rehabilitation and strategies to improve symptom control, function and quality of life as well as collaboration with the medical team. This series has been made available through a partnership between the American Lung Association of California (ALAC) and The AACVPR. Special thanks to Lana Hilling and John Bess who devoted countless hours to make this video a reality.

COPD can be managed – but it requires education and practice. The knowledge and wisdom to maximize one’s quality of life are known to science and taught in pulmonary rehabilitation programs. However, relatively few persons with COPD are aware of pulmonary rehabilitation or cannot access it. The amount of time required to teach patients about COPD is prohibitive for both primary and specialty medical providers. At best, some providers may hand their patients a brochure about COPD or refer them to someone else. Pulmonary rehabilitation is now a covered benefit under Medicare part B for persons with moderate to very severe COPD.