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The Benefits for Programs

Through the AACVPR Outpatient Registries, programs are able to:

  • Create and manage patient profiles
  • Enter and view outcomes data on enrolled patients in real time
  • Track and quantify progress of the program in meeting performance goals
  • Produce individual and grouped outcomes reports

By assisting in the collection, management, and interpretation of outcomes data, the registry will help programs:

  • Compare outcomes and processes to evidence-based goals and national benchmarks
  • Implement quality improvement projects based on real data
  • Enhance documentation and communication with the program’s key audiences, such as hospital administrators and referring physicians
  • Promote the role of cardiac & pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Increase support from physicians
  • Improve 3rd-party payer coverage and reimbursement rates

For more general information about the benefits of the Cardiac & Pulmonary Registries please view our Registry Brochure below:



Registry Updates and Corrections

Correction to CR Registry Vaccination Fields

We are informing users of the AACVPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry of a programming error in the Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination fields.

We recently found that if no entry was made in either of these fields when the page was saved, the fields would automatically default to "No".  Users may not have noticed this as they entered data in the rest of the patient record, and unless they went back later and corrected it, the value for each field would remain as "No". This error has been corrected so that if no entry is made the value will remain "Please select...". We have also added an "Unknown" option to allow users to better clarify the patient's vaccination status. This error should not impact reporting of the vaccination status in the outcomes reports, as only records marked as "Yes" are used in the percentage calculations.

Users may want to review past records to make sure the value for each field is the correct value. We apologize for the error.

If your program is interested in the number of patients who DID NOT receive a vaccination, this value may be inaccurate because of the glitch. We recommend reviewing each registry record to ensure the correct value has been recorded. To do so, please follow these instructions:

  1. Use the Data Extraction utility to select records of patients who enrolled after Jan 1, 2016. (They could go back farther if needed, based on number of records. We're probably not interested in patients who didn't enroll.)
  2. Add filter for Discharge Information/Influenza Vaccination = NO. This will get all records of patients where this field was marked as "No".
  3. Download Excel file and review each record with either program records or hospital record to determine if field value is accurate.
  4. Do the same procedure for Pneumococcal Vaccination

If you have any questions, please call 312-321-5146 or email registry@aacvpr.org

2015 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry Enhancements

In June of 2015, a number of updates were released for the Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Registry. PR Registry Clinical Enhancements have been selected based on requests of registry users and recommendations from international PR experts. These are designed to enhance the registry user’s ability to capture and report impairment in ventilation, symptoms, physical activity and healthcare utilization, and the impact of PR on these important outcomes. To read more about the enhancements, click here. 

Sponsors and Development

AACVPR would like to thank the following sponsors of the Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry and the Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry for their support: 

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