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Through the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) outpatient data registries, you can track patient outcomes and program performance while building an evidence base for the effectiveness of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Joining the AACVPR outpatient data registries is your opportunity to gain access to program and patient data reports instantly, allowing you to benchmark your results against national averages. Influence healthcare policy makers to utilize cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, improve coverage and reimbursement rates for your program, enhance documentation for administrators and referring physicians, and discover how you can implement quality improvement projects based on real data.

So now that you know all that the Registries can do for you, what's next?

Learn more about the Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) Registry and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Registry to decide if your program would benefit from one or both:

Click here to read more about the purpose and goals of the Cardiac Rehab Registry.

Click here to read more about the purpose and goals of the Pulmonary Rehab Registry.


Need a little more convincing? Learn how programs use the registry to improve patient care and develop quality improvement programs? Please visit our Registry Testimonials page here. Or for general information about the benefits of the Cardiac & Pulmonary Registries please view our Registry Brochure (PDF).




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