Join the AACVPR Outpatient Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Data Registries

The AACVPR outpatient data registries will allow you to track patient outcomes and program performance while building an evidence base for the effectiveness of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. So what are you waiting for, join the registries today!

Joining the registry will now help with your Program Certification application. Programs subscribed to the registries can now use their registry data to complete the program’s clinical outcomes assessment. A direct link within the application will populate your registry data for easy transfer into the application fields.

Interested in learning more about current registry subscriber experiences? Want to learn how programs use the registry to improve patient care and develop quality improvement programs? Please visit our Registry Testimonials page here. 

Instructions on How to Join a Registry

The below information provides step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for a registry. Please note the below instructions are specific to both the Cardiac and Pulmonary registries. Click here if you have already signed up and are looking to renew your subscription.

Step 1: Identify a Principal User

Each participating program must establish a principal user for a registry subscription. The Principal User is the main contact between AACVPR and the program. This individual is in charge of coordinating subscription payments, controlling which staff members can enter data, and ensuring a program's subscription(s) stay active.

  • If your program already has a principal registry user, you do not need to complete the below Principal User Contact Form.
    Please skip to Step 2.
  • If you aren't certain who the principal user is for your program, please email
  • If your program needs to set up a principal user, please click the below boxes and AACVPR will email next steps information via our address within 72 business hours.

Click on the Below Boxes to Identify a Principal User:

Once this form(s) has been completed, AACVPR will email the Principal User with further instructions about completing the registry subscription(s).

Step 2: Download the Registry Program Enrollment Checklist and Review Instructions for Subscription

In order to make the subscription process as efficient as possible, we strongly encourage the Principal User to review the below guide (linked below) for new programs. This informational guide provides illustrated instructions for a program's Principal User on setting up your program with access to the registry(s).

Registry Program Enrollment Checklist -- Download this checklist to help keep your program on track during the enrollment process. This one-page checklist includes links to additional resources and suggestions for registry enrollment best practices. 

2019 AACVPR Registry Participation Instructions for New Programs (Word Doc)  -- This detailed guide documents all of the necessary steps in extensive detail. 

Step 3: Review Our Participation Agreement

All programs wishing to join a registry must complete a required Participation Agreement contract in order to gain access to the registry. (Note: If your program wishes to join the Cardiac & Pulmonary registries, your program will need to fill both the Cardiac Participation Agreement & the Pulmonary Participation Agreement). 

In previous subscription years, AACVPR allowed programs to download a Word Document copy of our contracts, complete it, and email or fax the signed copy(s) back to us. This subscription period we will be only signing contracts through the electronic signature system, DocusignRather than printing off a contract, filling it out by hand, signing, and then faxing/emailing the contract back to AACVPR--Docusign accomplishes all of this through a secure online network.  For more information about the legality of DocuSign and eSignatures please click here to be directed to DocuSign's website.

We do not review Business Associate Agreements from other facilities or comply to individual contracts from facilities. Instead, both of our Participation Agreements contain HIPAA compliant Business Associate Agreements within them. If you feel it is appropriate, you may request revisions to the BAA section of the Registry Participation Agreement. AACVPR's legal counsel will then review such revisions and decide whether to accept such revisions. The Requesting Changes section has more information about requesting changes.

View The Participation Agreements

Before requesting to sign a contract in DocuSign, it is important that you have reviewed our Participation Agreements.  The reviewing of our agreements will allow your program to decide whether it is ready to sign, or if you need your legal advisor to request changes. 

Below are two links to view non-editable PDF versions of the Cardiac Participation Agreement & the Pulmonary Participation Agreement. These PDFs will not be accepted if completed & submitted to AACVPR. Your program will need to complete a contract using DocuSign.

Click here to view a PDF copy of the 2019 Cardiac Participation Agreement

Click here to view a PDF copy of the 2019 Pulmonary Participation Agreement

Requesting Edits/Changes to The Participation Agreements

If you have read through our contract(s) and have questions or would like to request changes to our Participation Agreements, please follow the below steps. If you have viewed our contracts and are ready to sign please click here to go to the next step.

NOTE:Please read through AACVPR's Legal FAQs and send these along to your legal team for review. Most legal questions we receive are addressed within this document, so please read this prior to reaching out with change requests.


In order to make change requests as efficient as possible, please do the following:

  • First read through the AACVPR Legal FAQs here. 
  • Download the editable Participation Agreements, linked below. 
  • Insert the full legal name of the entity that will be entering into the agreement on Page 12 where indicated.
  • In section 9.12, add the address where you would like notices sent, including the name of the person to whom the notice should be addressed.
  • If you have any suggested revisions, please make those revisions directly on the document in a way that clearly shows the changes (i.e. "track" changes in the Word document)
  • Please do not make revisions and send us a PDF document. We cannot accept PDFs. Please send back a Word document with your tracked changes. 

Please note: All programs must use AACVPR's Registry Participation Agreement(s), which includes a fully compliant HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and a HIPAA Data Use Agreement. 

Download our Editable Participation Agreements

If you would like to request changes to the Participation Agreement(s), please click the below link(s) to download the editable Participation Agreement(s). Have your legal department make all changes in a Word Document using tracked changes. Email all questions and requested changes to  Do not sign the below copies and return them to AACVPR. If you are ready to complete and sign your contract skip to Step 4: Signing The Participation Agreement.

To download a Word document copy of our 2019 Cardiac Participation Agreement, click here.

To download a Word document copy of our 2019 Pulmonary Participation Agreement, click here.

Wait for our legal counsel to review changes

Please note that it may take up to several months for your questions and changes to be processed through our legal counsel. We strongly recommend waiting until both legal counsels have come to an agreement on all requested changes before moving onto steps 4-5.

Step 4: Signing the Participation Agreement

Please make sure you DO NOT have any requested changes to our Participation Agreement before reading this section. See the above section if you do have changes.

Before filling out the Participation Agreement(s) please read the below rules:

  • If you aren't sure who can sign contract(s) for your program, please verify the appropriate individual with legal authority to sign contracts.
  • Completing the Participation Agreement(s) via docusign is ONLY for the individual signing on behalf of the program using the registry (This means the signer will need to know the name of the Registry Principal User, program address, and program name).
  • The individual using docusign should be the person who's eSignature will go onto our Cardiac Participation Agreement and/or our Pulmonary Participation Agreement. If you don't have legal authority to sign DO NOT email  Instead, have the individual with legal authority to sign contacts email
  • If you or your legal signer are ready to sign our Cardiac and/or Pulmonary contract(s) AND you have no requested changes to our contract(s):
  • Please email with the below information:
  • Email address of person with legal authority to sign a Participation Agreement (this person will be sent email instructions prompting them on how to use DocuSign as well as a link to sign online.)
  • Name & Address of the Facility you wish to complete a contract to join the registry.
  • Which contract(s) you would like to sign (Please indicate Cardiac/Pulmonary/Both)

Step 5: Paying For Your Subscription

A program's Principal User can print out an invoice to pay by check or pay online by credit card.  Before the Principal User will be able to do this, they will need to set up your Program Profile & Roster under the "My Programs" section of our website. Please view the below document for detailed instructions on how the Principal User can set up your Program Profile & Roster then pay for your registry subscription(s).

2019 AACVPR Registry Participation Instructions for New Programs (Word doc)

Note: If you would like someone in your purchasing department to pay for your subscription by credit card, they will need your Principal User's login information to login to Contact for more information.

The fees below are for programs joining or renewing between May 1 and December 31, 2019 and are valid through June of 2020. 

Cardiac Registry Subscription Fees:

  • Annual enrollment of fewer than 100 patients - $280/year
  • Annual enrollment of 101-200 patients - $305/year
  • Annual enrollment of more than 200 patients - $330/year

Pulmonary Registry Subscription Fees:

  • Annual enrollment of fewer than 25 patients - $280/year
  • Annual enrollment of 25-75 patients - $305/year
  • Annual enrollment of more than 75 patients - $330/year

The fees below are for the 18-month subscription period that will open in December 2019. Registry 18-month subscriptions will be valid until June 30, 2021 and will be available until March 31, 2020. 

Cardiac Registry 18 Month Subscription Fees:

  • Annual enrollment of fewer than 100 patients - $420
  • Annual enrollment of 101-200 patients - $455
  • Annual enrollment of more than 200 patients - $495

Pulmonary Registry 18 Month Subscription Fees:

  • Annual enrollment of fewer than 25 patients - $420
  • Annual enrollment of 25-75 patients - $455
  • Annual enrollment of more than 75 patients - $495

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