Registry User Resource Page


Welcome to the revamped Registry User Resource Page! Find resources for both the Cardiac and Pulmonary Registries in the same place. 


 New User/Program Operational Documents


Registry - Program Certification Resources 

Registry New User Training Instructions
Registry User Training Video
Program Enrollment Checklist
Registry New User Toolkit 
CR Registry Fact Sheet
PR Registry Fact Sheet
Registry User Survey
Adding & Removing Registry Users From Your
Program Roster

Registry Super User Contact List 
  The AACVPR Registries now align with the newly
released Performance Measures. Please click on
the links below for related resources:

          • AACVPR Performance Measures (Cardiac & Pulmonary)
          2019 Program Certification Information
          • Registry-Program Cert Applet Instructions

Data Collection & Resources


Reporting  Resources

Frequently Asked Questions
         Cardiac Registry FAQs
         Pulmonary Registry FAQs
        • Legal (Participation Agreement & HIPAA) FAQs    
Data Collection Sheet
        • CR Registry Data Sheet* (Updated July 2017)
        • PR Registry Data Sheet*
 (Updated July 2017)
Data Collection Sheet—Follow Up Assessment
        • Cardiac

How Your Program Can Improve Data Completeness (9.15.2015)
Definitions of Selected Data Points (Updated November 2017)
        • Cardiac
        • Pulmonary
Assessment Tools Resource Page (Updated July 2017)
        • Common Data Point Assessment Tools 
        • Six Minute Walk Assessment Tools
        • Depression Assessment Tools 
        • Quality of Life Assessment Tools
        • Dietary Assessment Tools 
        • Fat Free Mass Measurement
        • Physical Activity for Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

Webcast: Assessing Your Data for Quality and Performance
Registry User Guides
          • Pulmonary User Guide
          • Cardiac/General User Guide
PR Outcomes Resource Guide (Updated February 2017)
Cardiac Registry Sample Reports
           Sample Comparison Report
          • Sample Individual Report
           Sample Program Outcomes Report
          • Sample Performance Report
Pulmonary Registry Sample Reports
          • Sample Comparison Report
          • Sample Individual Report         
           Sample Program Outcomes Report



News and Updates


Subscription and Renewal Process

Registry eNewsletter 
          December 2018
         • April 2018
          November 2017: Enhancements Issue                
         • April 2017    
         • January 2017
         • November 2016

Enhancement & Correction Notes Page
            2017 PR Registry Enhancements
            2017 CR Registry Enhancements   
            2015 PR Registry Enhancements 
          •  2013 CR Registry Enhancements


Renewal Homepage
Registry Participation Instructions for Renewing Programs
Instructions For Submitting Payment Online
Legal FAQs
Docusign Instructions and Information 


Registry Videos & Slides


Registry Program Discussion Forum  

2018 Cardiac Rehab Registry Slides
2018 Pulmonary Rehab Registry Slides
Using Measures and Registries Efficiently Video (New July 2017)
Registry New User Training Video 
Cardiac Registry 31st Annual Meeting Slides 
Pulmonary Registry 31st Annual Meeting Slides 
Registry & Program Cert 31st Annual Meeting Slides 
Webcast: Assessing Your Data for Quality and Performance
   Access the Discussion Forum Here

*The data sheets have been highlighted to indicate the new fields that have been added to the registries. 

Registry Sponsors and Development

AACVPR would like to thank the following sponsors of the Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry and the Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry for their support: