Nutrition & Behavioral Medicine Resources for Patients

Literature Resources

Cardiac Website Links for Patients

  • Mended Hearts — a support organization for cardiac patients
    • Click Here to be directed to the page on coping with heart disease
  • WomenHeart — a support organization for women with heart disease
  • AHA Support Network — a support network for patients and caregivers

Enter psychosocial terms like “depression”, “anger”, or “psychological” in this website’s search engine for articles pertaining to these topics.

Pulmonary Website links for Patients

  • EFFORTS — an organization of COPD patients for support and advocacy
    • Click Here to be directed to the page on depression and COPD.
  • COPD Foundation — an organization for patients with COPD and medical professionals
    • Click Here to be directed to the page their Slim Skinny Reference Guide® (SSRG): Coping with Your Chronic Disease.

Additional Resources

***Please note that AACVPR does not endorse nor support the following resources. These are simply posted for your review and benefit.