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One of the guiding principles of AACVPR is creating and maintaining a learning environment. AACVPR gives students a peak into the real world of preventive medicine, research news, and rehabilitation. AACVPR will keep you up to date on important issues in the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, and will give you access to job listings, scholarships, conventions, certificates of completion of clinical specialties, and career mentors.


AACVPR Student Membership Application

A Student member shall be any interested college student currently carrying the equivalent of at least one half of an academic load for one year, as defined by the university or college the person is attending, and one who is studying in a medical or allied health curriculum.

For more information on student memberships or to join, please contact AACVPR Headquarters at 312/321-5146 or CLICK HERE for more information.

AACVPR Searchable Program Directory

Searchable Program Directory

AACVPR Career Link

AACVPR is committed to helping student members find employment in the healthcare field. Click here to find current positions available in your discipline.

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