32nd Annual Meeting Disclosures

All participating faculty are expected to disclose to the activity audience any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject​ matter of the continuing education activity. 

The following individuals have disclosed no relevant financial relationship in the last 12 months.

Aberegg, Ellen Schaaf

Gissen, Amy

Sandona, Benedict

Adams, Lisa

Granger, Nell

Savage, Patrick

Alla, Venkata Mahesh

Greco, Nadine

Saval, Matthew A.

Arteaga Martinez, Jose R.

Grimes, Kate

Schopfer, David W.

Babu, Abraham S.

Grover, David

Schwier, Sarah

Baker, Selena L.

Grover, Sara J.

Serber, Eva R

Balady, Gary J.

Hegvik, Lynn

Shannon, Claire

Beaudoin, Danielle

Herrewig, Tracy A.

Shannon, John

Bell, Tonja

Humphrey, Reed

Sheffield, Denise

Berry, Robert

Jimenez Lopez, Enrique

Shumaker, Therese

Bjerke, Wendy

Kaminsky, Leonard A.

Siegmund, Lee Anne

Boeke, Karissa

Kellar, Garrett

Smith, Rebecca

Brinks, Jenna

Knight, Amy

Smith, Rita I.

Brown, Bob

Kostra, James J.

Snodgrass, Brenda

Brown, Katelyn D.

Krebs, Vicki L.

Spiser, Patricia

Buckley, Lisamarie S.

Krishnarthi , Nirupama

Squires, Ray W.

Buckley, Maria L.

LaValley, Grace

Stabile, Loren Marie

Cantito, Maria

Lee, Katie

Stout, Mark R.

Connors, Gerilynn

Lee, Teresa

Sukeena, Richard

Corrion, Bryce

Limberg, Trina

Summers, Gloria

Courtney, Barbara

Lisk, Eunice A.

Supervia Pola, Marta

Crouch, Rebecca H.

Long, Meghan M.

Sweeney, Gregory

Daugherty, Steven

Low, Murray

Swiger, Natalie

DeAngelis, Julianne

Lui, Karen

Tarolli, Karen

Draper, Thomas

Lynn, Kathryn

Teneback, Charlotte

Dunagan, Julie M.

Mahlmeister, Kasara

Thomas, Randal J.

Edwards, Karen A.

Martin, Jane M.

Thumma, Kathy S.

Ehrman, Jonathan K.

Mathis, Susi

Traynor, Kate

Ellis, Jordan M.

Mays, Wayne A.

Tylka, Alexander J.

Eppen, Kim

McColpin, Aaron

Tysk, Sonja

Fagan, Barbra

McMurray, Megan V.

Varela Tapia, Clara L.

Fairburn, Carl L.

McNamara, Michael

Vest, Marianne

Farah, Michel

Moctezuma Toledo, Rosa M.

Voorhees, Whitney

Feinberg, Jodi L.

Moghei, Mahshid

Vorndran, Carla

Flack, Susan

Mola, Ana

Walsh, Steven W.

Flato, Barbara B.

Myers, Jonathan

Wenger, Nanette

Forman, Daniel

Park, Jinyoung

West, Robyn A.

Fox, Jill

Peterson, Christine

Whiteson, Jonathan Harris

Franklin, Barry A.

Pierre, Alicia

Wishman, Ashley

Frechette, Kristen M.

Rengo, Jason

Wittekind, Samuel G.

Freeman, John T.

Reynolds, Wayne

Wright, Janet

Garwick, Tammy

Ruff, Jeanne E.

Zarling, Kathy

Gathright, Emily C.

Saadi, Abdulghani

Zimmermann, Bridget

Gerdes, Yvette M.

Sager, David M.

ZuWallack, Richard

The following speakers have disclosed financial relationships in the last 12 months. The AACVPR Program Planning Committee has reviewed the relationships and has determined that the relationships will not impact the educational participation in the AACVPR 32nd Annual Meeting

Ades, Philip Grant - National Institutes of Health
Atwood, Casey S. Has an affiliation with Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab
Bailey, Alison Grant - Clinical trial enrolled
Bartels, Matthew Grant - Everest Foundation, NIH
Bauldoff, Gerene S. Textbook Author - Pearson Higher Education
Burch, Ashley E. Presentation data was collected from a website, "ask the ICD," which is owned by Medtronic
Carbone, Pasquale Presentation will review Century BOB XL
Carlin, Brian W. Consultant - Sunovion, Monaghan Medical, Astra Zeneca, Nonin, Philips Respironics
Speakers' Bureau - Sunovion
Classick-Wallace, MaryAnn Presentation will review Moving Analytics Application
Collins, Karen Consultant - One-time review of educational material for Omega-9 Oils/Good Fats 101
Eichenauer, Kent I am a co-author of the Psychosocial Risk Factor Survey.
Elliotte, Mark P. Presentation will include information pertaining to food vendors.
Garvey, Chris Consultant - Krames Staywell
Speakers' Bureau - Boehringer Ingelheim
Goldstein, Carly M. I receive funding from U54GM115677 (NIGMS)
Harzand, Arash Grant/Research Support - Moving Analytics, Inc.
Hereford, Jody Consultant - BrightHeart
Hill, Nicholas S. Received research grants to his institution, as well as honoraris for serving on scientific advisory boards for Actelion, Bayer, Gilead, United Therapeutics
Josephson, Richard A. Grant - National Institutes of Health
Keteyian, Steven Consultant - Technical consultant with NimbleHeart, Inc.
King, Marjorie Consultant - Island Peer Review Organization
Knipper, Jane S. Speakers' Bureau - Relias Learning
LaFond, Karen Presentation will include discussion pertaining to Wellframe Mobile Platform and Clinician Dashboard.
Lui, Mark L. Presentation will include discussion pertaining to Moving Analytics, Wellframe, Wellnessmate
Mathura, Michelle Consultant - DM&A
Nathan, Steven D. Consultant - Roche-Genentech
Speakers' Bureau - Roche-Genentech
Oh, Paul Grant - GoodLife Fitness
Consultant - Amgen, AstraZeneca, Roche
Ohar, Jill A. Advisory boards for Astra Zeneca, CSL Behring, BI, mylan, Novartis, Sunovion, Theravance Testimony: Levy Konigsberg, Wallace & Graham, Gori Julian, Goldenberg Heller, Long Parker & Warren, Kazan McClain & Satterly, Simmons, Elrod Pope and Smith Leatherwood.
Presentation will discuss all bronchodilators and bronchodilating agent combos.
Pack, Quinn R. Grant - K23 from the NHLBI of the NIH
Pahlad-Singh, Vanessa Presentation will include discussion pertaining to PT Pal.
Park, Linda G. Grant - Department of Veterans Affairs; National Institutes of Health
Salisbury, Dereck L. Grant - M-Health Systemwide Engagement Grant
Scott, Jessica Grant - Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA008748)
Treat-Jacobson, Diane Grant - Margaret A. Cargill Foundation; NHLBI
Wasfy, Jason H. Grant - National Institutes of Health
Weiss, Rick President and a stock holder of Viocare, Inc.
Whited, Matthew C. Grant - NHLBI, K23 Career Development Award