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330 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
p: 312/321-5146
f: 312/673-6924

Meet the Team

Mollie Corbett
Executive Director

Jessica Eustice
Director of Corporate Relations

Kathy Sullivan
Operations Manager

Toya Davis
Certification & Registry Coordinator

Kate Maude
Registry Manager and Program Certification Manager

Rachel Wares
Membership Sr. Associate

Meztli Mijes
Education Sr. Associate

Randi Mayfield
Certification Associate

Yolanda King
Operations Associate

Erin Espy
Marketing & Communications Manager

Additional support staff includes:

  • Elizabeth Lancaster, Event Services Senior Coordinator
  • Denise Williams, News & Views Manager
  • Connor Lane, Marketing Coordinator
  • Madeline Mohatt, Marketing Associate
  • Katy McGeehee, Information Technology Coordinator