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330 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60611
p: 312/321-5146
f: 312/673-6924

Meet the Team

Mollie Corbett (she/her)
Executive Director

Jessica Eustice (she/her)
Director of Corporate Relations

Caitlyn Hicks (she/her)
Operations Manager

Toya Davis (she/her)
Certification & Registry Coordinator

Kate Maude (she/her)
Registry Manager and Program Certification Manager

Rachel Wares (she/her)
Membership Sr. Associate

Sari Wise (she/her)
Education Sr. Associate

Hannah Muerhoff (she/her)
Education Sr. Manager

Erin Espy (she/her)
Marketing & Communications Manager

Additional support staff includes:

  • Denise Williams (she/her), News & Views Manager
  • Connor Lane (he/him), Marketing Coordinator
  • Madeline Mohatt (she/her), Marketing Associate
  • Katy McGeehee (she/her) , Information Technology Coordinator