Our organization’s success is dependent on the dedication of our volunteer members. Committees are responsible for providing our community with the latest in educational opportunities and resources and play a vital role in the success of the fulfillment of our mission.

Committee Service

The 2024 "Call for Volunteers" is now open! AACVPR invites you to apply anytime through Sunday, June 16! Volunteering is one of the best ways to get the most out of your AACVPR membership because it allows you to connect with fellow members, share ideas and gain valuable leadership experience all while making a difference in our organization and industry. 

With several committees to choose from, you are sure to find one that matches your area of interest and expertise. Please note, AACVPR membership is required to volunteer on a committee or council.

If you have any questions about volunteering on one of AACVPR’s committees or the application process, please contact us at or 312-321-5146.

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Document Oversight Committee

The Document Oversight Committee (DOC) reviews, oversees and catalogues al of the AACVPR position statements, clinical practice guidelines, and evidence-based scientific statements. The DOC reviews existing AACVPR documents and guidelines for relevance and makes recommendations to the AACVPR Board for updates of existing documents, creation of new ones and endorsement of scientific statements developed by other organizations.

Education Committee

The Education Committee initiates, produces, reviews, oversees, and/or evaluates activities and services that promote education for and development of individuals working in cardiac and pulmonary prevention and rehabilitation programs, and within our communities.

MAC Liaison Task Force

The MAC Liaison Task Force develops, fosters, and maintains a relationship with each MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor) Medical Director or Directors. Specific goals of the MAC Liaison Task Force include providing a channel for two-way communication on all issues pertinent to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation (CR/PR) between providers of these services and the MAC; serving as a resource to MAC MD(s) to provide current evidence, best practice, clinical expertise and expert opinion on these services with both national and local input; assisting the MAC in ensuring quality CR/PR services through on-going education of providers regarding MAC expectations/regulations; and serving as a resource to programs with regulatory questions/issues.

Membership & Affiliate Relations Committee

The Membership & Affiliate Relations Committee recognizes and addresses the needs of existing members, proposes solutions for increasing member recruitment and retention, and seeks opportunities for elevated and substantive member engagement. Furthermore, the committee works to strengthen the national association’s relationship with its affiliate societies, ensuring that information and initiatives are shared and implemented across a shared front, while supporting local efforts and agendas.

Professional Certification Commission

The Professional Certification Commission oversees and administers the AACVPR Professional Certification program and CCRP examination. The commission establishes and administers policies and procedures to ensure the effective functioning of the PCC and the certification program; develops, approves and administers valid and reliable certification examinations, in consultation with the contracted testing vendor; and oversees all certification exam development processes, including recruitment of Subject Matter Experts for applicable activities and final approval on all exam development outcomes.

Program Certification Committee

The Program Certification Committee develops Program Certification application requirements each year, which reflect the current standards of practice published by AACVPR for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. The committee executes the review of submitted Program Certification applications in accordance with application requirements, and recommends certification approval of CR and PR programs to the AACVPR Board of Directors.

Quality of Care Committee

The Quality of Care Committee promotes activities which increase the quality and viability of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation. This includes development, testing, and maintenance of quality and performance measures to promote safe and effective cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as promotion of quality improvement activities by AACVPR and member programs.

Registry Committee/Super User Group

The Registry Super User Group oversees the AACVPR CR and PR Outcomes Registries. The committee works to review and recommend future enhancements, create educational tools for registry users, and improve data quality and accuracy through education and collaboration with other AACVPR committees.

Research Committee

The Research Committee promotes research activity related to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation; this includes reviewing scientific abstracts for the annual meeting, disseminating information about collaborative research opportunities, collaborating with the Registry Committee to develop data sharing policies for researchers and selecting the Michael L. Pollock Established Investigator, Thomas L. Petty Distinguished scholar and Beginning Investigator awards annually.

Value-Based Care Committee

The Value Based Care Committee is responsible for examining the changes in health care brought about by new legislation, and both informing and guiding AACVPR and its members on issues such as the best fit for CR/PR services within this health care environment, the potential for an expanded role for CR /PR services and professionals within the broader chronic disease prevention and management model, exploration of innovative delivery models that are efficient, and efficacious and cost effective in providing care.

Contact AACVPR headquarters at to learn more or express your interest.