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HR3348 & HR1956 - Support Letter

US House bill # HR 3348, SOS: Sustaining Outpatient Services Act: This bill will exempt certain hospital outpatient services, including cardiac, intensive cardiac, and pulmonary rehabilitation (CR, ICR, PR) from a drastic reimbursement reduction that is based solely on the location of the hospital outpatient service. The Sustaining Outpatient Services Act mandates that Medicare payment for hospital-based CR/ICR/PR services remain under the outpatient payment rate. The 40% reduction in reimbursement for off-campus CR/ICR/PR is unsustainable, and yet, these services are underutilized and are encouraged to expand to treat more beneficiaries than is physically possible. This legislative correction will remove the financial barrier to expanded patient access to these beneficial services.

US House bill # HR 1956, Increasing Access to Cardiac Rehabilitation Care Act of 2021: This bill simply moves up the effective date of when nonphysician practitioners (NPPs or APPs) are eligible to independently order and supervise cardiac, intensive cardiac, and pulmonary rehabilitation services. The effective date is currently January 1, 2024. This bill, if passed, will move that effective date up to January 1, 2022.

Obviously, HR 1956 and HR 1956 are synergistic. Programs are currently at capacity with excessively long waiting lists to even begin CR, ICR, or PR. With this bill, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services will be able to improve access and meet the increasing demand for these beneficial treatments.

Please support cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services and patients by signing these bills today. Thank you for caring.

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Want to help? It’s not too late to join fellow practitioners in your state to advocate for CR, ICR, and PR services. Please ask for support (i.e., signature on both bills) of HR 3348 and HR 1956.

AACVPR has made it easy. Anyone, including rehab staff members, physicians, hospital administrators, and grateful patients can be an advocate for CR and PR services. Use the below pre-drafted, customizable letters to contact your U.S. House representative and advocate for bills above. Just 5 minutes and one letter could make a huge difference! Show your support for the life-changing effects of CR/ICR/PR and click on one of the buttons below to start your letter. 

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