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AACVPR Registry Services Request for Proposals

AACVPR Launched the Cardiac Rehab Registry in 2012 and the Pulmonary Rehab Registry shortly after in 2013 to help programs track and calculate their patient and program outcomes, and calculate results for AACVPR’s Performance Measures for AACVPR Program Certification. Since the launch of the Registries more than ten years ago, participation has grown to 530 CR Programs and 270 PR programs.

As AAVCPR continues to move our focus toward advancing the practice and science of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, we want to take this opportunity to investigate registry solution options to ensure we are keeping up with industry standards for medical subspecialty registries. In addition to replicating the core features of our registries as they are today, we are looking to select a registry solution that will bring additional value to participating programs by offering responsive reporting options, an updated user interface, and dynamic feedback on the quality and completeness of data that programs submit.

Current Registry Users: This Request for Proposals will not impact current registry functionality or operations at this time. We will keep all current registry users up to date on when any sort of changes or transitions are expected to take place, but we expect that the current registry platform will remain in place until at least mid-2024 while the transition plan is finalized and executed.

RFP Timeline

  • RFP Released: May 1, 2023
  • Letter of Intent to Respond Due: May 29, 2023
  • Full RFP Responses Due: July 24, 2023
  • Vendor of Choice Selected: October 1, 2023

RFP Requirements

⦁    Section 1 – Executive Summary (provide a concise summary of no more than five pages of the products and services proposed and a summary of similar projects)
⦁    Section 2 – Vendor Profile & References (provide answers to the questions within the RFP packet)
⦁    Section 3 – Specifications/Requirements (provide answers to the questions within the RFP packet)
⦁    Section 4 – Staffing Model (provide a concise summary of your proposed staffing model)
⦁    Section 5 – Data Hosting Model (provide a concise summary of how data hosting is managed for registry clients – if hosting is conducted internally or outsourced to a third party, etc.) 
⦁    Section 6 – Implementation Plan/Timeline (provide a high level implementation plan with estimated timeline)
⦁    Section 7 – Cost Estimate (provide answers using the template and instructions below)

Download RFP Packet


Resources for RFP Respondents


Please see below for data sheets and data definitions for the existing CR and PR registries.

AACVPR would like to thank the following sponsors of the Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Registry and the Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry for their support