Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks

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AACVPR National Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks are ideal times to promote your facility and publicize the benefits of rehabilitation programs. Nearly everyone knows someone suffering from cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, so reach out to the community at large, as well as hospital administrators, physicians, coworkers and current patients.


Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
February 13-19, 2022


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
March 13-19, 2022

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Special Event Ideas

  • Sponsor an educational program or seminar for health professionals or the community.
  • Invite your community and area health professionals to an open house at your facility. Include rehabilitation program graduates, as well as physicians with whom you want to work, in your invitation list.
  • Offer risk factor assessments, lung function screenings, smoking cessation clinics, heart-healthy cooking classes, etc. Make your special events both educational and fun.
  • Sponsor a walk, run, bike ride or other athletic event. Donations or proceeds from the event can benefit your program, AACVPR, or other special projects, such as a patient library.
  • Arrange for your cafeteria to serve heart-healthy meals during AACVPR National Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks. Suggest they continue to serve them year-round.
  • Declare a “smoke out” campaign in your community.

Publicity and Advertising

  • Ask your mayor to issue an official proclamation for AACVPR National Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks. Work with your affiliate society and fellow rehabilitation programs in your state to petition the Governor’s Office to issue a similar proclamation. (See Gubernatorial Proclamation Procedure for more information.) Notify the press of the proclamation signing.
  • Prepare a news release to announce AACVPR National Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks to local TV, radio, and newspapers. Send details of your events to the contacts for local event calendars as well.
  • Arrange for interviews on radio or TV talk shows or with local news publications to spread the word about the benefits of rehabilitation and publicize the weeks. Provide specific information on heart and lung disease prevention and rehabilitation and promote your activities.
  • Provide speakers on cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation to local service organizations and clubs.
  • Advertise your events through any in-house newsletters and bulletins to staff or patients.
  • Post news about your events via your facility’s Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media channels.
  • Sell or distribute promotional items – t-shirts, buttons, pens, etc. (See “Promotional Items” above.)
  • Create a table or window display at your facility, or at the public library, senior center or shopping mall to provide program information.
  • Get your patients involved; they may have unique ideas for promotions, and their successes are your best advertisement. Encourage patients to reach out to their communities and spread the word.
  • Contact local grocery stores to have AACVPR National Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Weeks promotions featured on their grocery bags. (In California the state affiliate society works with Safeway supermarkets to do this free of charge.) You may want to suggest the store promote heart-healthy food items for their specials.

Tip: Take plenty of pictures of your event to post on Facebook and Twitter, and share with AACVPR for next year’s promotions. And use the hashtags #CRWeek21 and #PRWeek21 to join the conversation!

Find a Co-sponsor

Contact other organizations interested in rehabilitation, like local chapters of the American Heart Association and American Lung Association, and ask them to co-sponsor educational programs or other special events. Pooling your resources can increase your visibility and success.

Share Your Plans with AACVPR

Let the AACVPR Membership Committee know about your planned events and promotional efforts. You may even see them reflected in these promotional ideas in the future!

Send an e-mail to and help other facilities create activities of their own.

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