Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week Marketing Toolkit

You’re invited to celebrate Pulmonary Rehab Week 2023 and draw attention to the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease. To publicize your participation, utilize the tools and resources listed below.

Social Media Messaging

Leverage your social media accounts to promote Pulmonary Rehab Week 2023. Feel free to copy/paste the posts below, or make a message of your own, to spread word to your online network. You can also engage with us by liking, sharing, or retweeting our posts about #PRWeek2023 – make sure to follow us by clicking the links below.

Sample Tweets

  • Studies have shown pulmonary rehabilitation significantly reduces COPD, one of the most common chronic lung diseases in the World, symptoms. It is for that reason, and countless others, that I am celebrating #PRWeek2023
  • Ain't no party like a #PRWeek2023 party! I am joining @AACVPR's celebration to call attention to the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • In honor of #PRWeek2022, I want to call attention to the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with lung disease. Thank you to my [colleagues, co-workers, parents, significant other, etc.] for all you do!

Sample Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

  • #PRWeek2023 calls attention to the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with lung disease. Show your thanks by participating in this year's celebration, taking place March 12-18: www.aacvpr.org/Cardiac-Pulmonary-Rehabilitation-Weeks
  • Studies have shown pulmonary rehabilitation significantly reduces symptoms of COPD, one of the most chronic lung diseases in the world. It is for that reason, and countless others, that I am celebrating #PRWeek2023 March 12-18: www.aacvpr.org/Cardiac-Pulmonary-Rehabilitation-Weeks
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation is important to me bacuse [insert why you think pulmonary rehabilitation is valueable]. 

Downloadable Logo

Download the logo for Pulmonary Rehab Week to use on your program's social media posts, newsletters, fliers and/or invitations.

Download Logo

Celebration Ideas

Pulmonary Rehab Week is a great time to host an event, conduct media outreach, advocate for the profession and/or promote the value of pulmonary rehabilitation. Please refer to the bulleted list below for some celebration ideas.

Special Event Ideas

  • Sponsor an educational program or seminar for health professionals or the community.
  • Invite your community and area health professionals to an open house at your facility. Include rehabilitation program graduates, as well as physicians, in your invitation list.
  • Make your special events both educational and fun by offering risk factor assessments,  lung function screenings, or smoking cessation clinics.
  • Sponsor a walk, run, bike ride, or other athletic event. Donations/proceeds from the event can benefit your program, AACVPR, or other special projects.
  • Declare a “smoke out” campaign in your community.

Publicity and Advertising

  • Ask your mayor to issue an official proclamation for Pulmonary Rehab Week. Work with your affiliate society and fellow rehabilitation programs in your state to petition the Governor’s Office to issue a similar proclamation (see Gubernatorial Proclamation Procedure for more information). Notify the press of the proclamation signing.
  • Prepare a news release to announce Pulmonary Rehab Weeks to local TV, radio, and newspapers. Send details of your events to the contacts for local event calendars as well.
  • Schedule interviews with local talk shows or news publications to spread the word about the benefits of rehabilitation and publicize the week. Provide specific information on lung disease prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Provide local organizations and clubs with speakers on pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Advertise your events through any in-house newsletters and/or bulletins.
  • Post news about your events via your facility’s Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media channels.
  • Sell or distribute promotional items through Jim Coleman, Ltd.
  • Create a table or window display at your facility, public library, senior center or shopping mall to provide program information.
  • Get your patients involved; they may have unique ideas for promotions, and their successes are your best advertisement. Encourage patients to reach out to their communities and spread the word.
  • Contact local grocery stores to have Pulmonary Rehab Weeks promotions featured on their grocery bags.