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AACVPR Affiliate Societies are geographically located groups of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation professionals who meet regularly to provide continuing education and networking opportunities.

Click Here for Affiliate Resources (forms, templates, etc.)

If you would like to find an affiliate society in your area, check the Affiliate Contact List*.
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Has your affiliate recently changed leadership? Please help AACVPR keep ou records current. Click Here to download the Affilate Information Change Form. Return the completed form to Jonah Gorski, Membership Coordinator, via e-mail to jgorski@aacvpr.org or fax to 312/673-6924.

No Affiliate nearby? For information about starting an affiliate or about the Joint Affiliate Agreement, or if you have any other questions concerning AACVPR Affiliates, please contact Jonah Gorski, Membership Coordinator, by calling 312/673-4827 or via e-mail to jgorski@aacvpr.org

Is your Affiliate interested in sponsoring a local speaker or a table at the Celebration Banquet during the Annual Meeting? Contact Jessica Eustice, Development Manager, at 312/673-5929 or jeustice@aacvpr.org for details.

Congratulations to the 2013 Outstanding Affiliate Award recipient:


The Wisconsin Society for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Health and Rehabilitation (WISCPHR) has been selected as the 2013 Outstanding Affiliate. This is the second time that WISCPHR has received this distinction, and is the first AACVPR affiliate to have multiple awards. This merit was given to WISCHPR for several robust and unique initiatives that it has brought to its members and other cardiac and pulmonary rehab professionals in the state of Wisconsin. Through consistent continuing education offerings, a newly formed Quality Improvement Committee and frequent communications and website updating, WISCHPR continuously strives to provide its members with the best resources available – striving to improve the quality of care its members provide to their patients. In addition, WISCHPR proactively worked with cardiac rehab programs within Wisconsin to transition from its state data outcomes tools to the AACVPR Registry; as a result, Wisconsin currently has the highest number of subscribing programs to the AACVPR Cardiac Rehab Registry from a single state. WISCHPR has continued its close partnership and support of AACVPR initiatives and events, and has seen several state leaders participate on the AACVPR Board and committees. This is just a small sample of the many great things that WISCHPR has worked on to ensure that it remains a strong and valuable organization to its members.

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