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Now more than ever, the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation field needs you to advocate for the valuable care and services you provide to your patients.

  • YOUR Congressional members
  • YOUR voice
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  • YOUR AACVPR advocacy team supporting you each step of the way! 

Advocate for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services and ask legislators for support on beneficial legislation on Medicare decisions by joining the AACVPR community on Capitol Hill next March. Stay tuned for more details and information on how to register in the coming months.

2024 Legislative Priorities

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  1. HR-955/S. 1849, SOS: Sustaining Outpatient Services Act — This bill will exempt certain hospital outpatient services, including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation (CR, PR) from a drastic reimbursement reduction that is based solely on the location of the hospital outpatient service. The Sustaining Outpatient Services Act mandates that Medicare payment for hospital-based CR/PR services remain under the outpatient payment rate. The reduction in reimbursement for off-campus CR/PR is unsustainable, and yet, these services are underutilized and are encouraged to expand to treat more beneficiaries than is physically possible. This legislative correction will remove the financial barrier to expanded patient access to these beneficial services.
  2. HR-1406/S. 3021 Sustainable Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services in the Home Act — This bill will allow Medicare beneficiaries to receive CR/ICR/PR services via real-time, audio/visual communication from their home. This hybrid delivery of hospital-based CR/ICR/PR services was effective during the pandemic and allowed more patients to receive these beneficial treatments. Beneficiaries who are rural or located in an area without a brick-and-mortar program, without transportation or the financial means to travel to a center, and other barriers to participation in a CR/ICR/PR program demonstrated comparable benefits to those in center-based programs.

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Please utilize the resources linked below to prepare for meetings with Congress members and make your voice heard. 

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